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Discover my journey into science communication.

As a science communication professional, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My passion for research, combined with my expertise in marketing, communication, outreach, and strategy, enables me to help organisations effectively engage with their target audience. I understand the importance of tailoring strategies that speak to specific public. Closely working with clients to develop a comprehensive communication plan that will optimize their research success.


2023- currently

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

MS in Neurosciences


Seville’s University

Master’s Degree in International Business & Strategy Management


Seville’s University and Haute Alsace University

Double International Degree in Marketing and Market Research

The goal of this International program was to obtain academic certificates from both universities over the course of 4 years.  

Degrees obtained:

2013 DUT in Marketing Techniques, at Haute Alsace University

2014 Degree in Economics and Management, at Haute Alsace University

2015 Degree in Marketing and Market Research, At Seville’s University


2018 - currently

Atlantia Clinical Trials

Marketing Manager

Atlantia helps companies worldwide to conduct commercial nutrition and microbiome clinical  research. My main function was to develop the B2B  marketing department and support sales growth as the company outsourced all  Marketing functions prior to my start. Currently I manage a team of 3 marketing  specialists.

2017 - 2018


Account Services Representative

As part of the Proactive Account Services Global Team, my main function was to assist Institutional and Business  clients to benefit from maintenance preventative services.  We were in charge of the coordination of pre-checks and code upgrades, as  well as project implementation coordinating field engineers in each country. 

2017 - 2017


French Customer Support Specialist (AirBnB)

As part of the AirBnB French & Spanish Customer Service Team, my main function was to assist  both host and guests to resolve any questions or concerns regarding the use of  the platform or travel incidents and disputes between both parties.

2015 - 2015


Marketing Assistant Intern

The University of Seville Research, Technology and Innovation Centre (CITIUS)  brings together 15 research services. The research centre lacked a marketing department, for instance the  main goal of my internship was to provide assistance to create a commercial  offering for these research centre services.

2012 - 2012


Sales & Customer Experience Specialist Intern

FLYEO is a paragliding school. As part of the Sales and Customer Team, my main responsibilities were to  inform and sell paragliding tandem flights. We took care of the promotion of their services and  management of customer experience and families at reception.

Research and teaching experience.


Griffith College Cork

Guest Speaker

Scientific Marketing Lecture and Business case study presented at the Masters in Pharmaceutical Business Management Program.


Seville’s University

Data Collection Student

Workshop on data collection and field survey for marketing research. I took part  in the project in the data collection phase of a study about Betis Football Club Supporter’s perceptions and profile. Project coordinated by  Ángel Francisco Villarejo Ramos.



Seville's University

Cisma Díaz, I. (2015). Estudio sobre el comportamiento del consumidor de moda sostenible. (Trabajo fin de grado inédito). Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. (

Bachelor’s Thesis supervised by Dr. Jesús Manuel López Bonilla. An exploratory study aiming to  assess the consumer behaviour of Slow Fashion products. A literature review was conducted as well  as a research thanks to primary data gathered on an online survey (n=250). Publication is only  available in Spanish.


Seville's University

Cisma Díaz, I. (2018). La segmentación de mercados B2B en el sector de las TIC. (Trabajo Fin  de Máster Inédito). Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla. (

Master’s Thesis overseen by Dr. Francisco Javier Rondán Cataluña. This study explores the importance of the B2B segmentation within Strategy Management in International Business. Theoretical  and practical approaches were considered: A literature review was conducted as well as a research  thanks to primary data gathered in collaboration with a leading company in the IT sector operating in B2B markets (n=15678). Publication is only available in Spanish.

Graphical abstracts.



de Andrade LS, Sardá FAH, Pereira NBF, Teixeira RR, Rodrigues SD, de Lima JD, Dalboni MA,  Aoike DT, Nakao LS, Cuppari L. Effect of Unripe Banana Flour on Gut-Derived Uremic Toxins  in Individuals Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial. Nutrients. (2021); 13(2):646. (


Responsible for the design of the article’s Graphical Abstract in collaboration with the authors as  stated in the acknowledgment section. 


Link to Graphical Abstract: ents/nutrients-13-00646/article_deploy/html/images/nutrients-13-00646-ag.png


Link to acknowledgment from authors: t=Irene%20Cisma%20D%C3%ADaz%20for%20assistance%20with%20the%20graphical%20ab stract%20(GA.



Giuntini, E.B.; Sardá, F.A.H.; de Menezes, E.W. The Effects of Soluble Dietary Fibers on Glycemic Response: An Overview and Futures Perspectives. Foods (2022), 11, 3934. (


Responsible for the design of the article’s Graphical Abstract in collaboration with the authors as stated in the acknowledgment section.


 Link to Graphical Abstract:


Link to acknowledgment from authors:,Irene%20Cisma%20D%C3%ADaz,-for%20assistance%20with



European Medical Writers Association

Barbosa, V.; Lucking, S.; Cisma, I: A method of selecting appropriate Quality of Life Patient Reporting Measures in clinical trials. (2023)

Scientific poster developed for the European Medical Writers Association. The poster explained the research conducted in order to assess a method of selection of Quality of Life questionnaires in human clinical trials.


Neuropsychoeconomics conference

Cisma Díaz, I.: Shedding light into the dark box of consumer behaviour. (2023)

Abstract and poster presented at the Neuropsychoeconomics conference about the potential of bridging the microbiome research advancements and consumer behaviour.


  • Spanish, native

  • English, fluent, C1 Cambridge (190)

  • French, fluent, DELF B2


  • Advanced IT Skills: Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, PremierePro), Microsoft Suite  (Word, PPT, Excel)

  • CRM Admin and Management: Salesforce, HubSpot, PipelineDeals

  • Automation: Zapier, Power Automate, HubSpot

  • Data Analytics: SPSS Statistics, advanced at Excel and Power PI

  • Protein Visualisation Software: Chimera, VDM, Avogadro, 3DProtein Imaging

  • Social Media Platforms, SEM, Online events platforms



Google & IAB Spain


University College Cork


University College Cork

2019 - 2021






Digital Marketing Course

Introduction to Irish Mythology and folklore

Introduction to Chinese language

Digital Illustration Courses

Microbiology Illustration Course

Scientific Illustration Course

Further information.

  • Level 2 Referee in Irish National Volleyball League

  • APPI Lvl 3 Paragliding Pilot

  • Driving License

  • Availability to travel

Irene helped our team to create the graphical abstract needed for a publication. She is very creative, analytical and easy-going to work with. Her understanding of scientific papers and the ability to translate them into scientific communication is a key recommendation factor.

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